Wet farts are produced by eating fruit, mushy food (oatmeal, pudding, etc.) or liquids. Wet farts are usually presto and can be very uncomfortable, as the buttcrack becomes moist and a wet stain forms on the underwear.

Wet farts are either liquidized or explosive. Liquidized wet farts result in a clear, wet stain that smells very odd. As the fart is pushed out, a spray of water or poop juice is also released with it. Sprite Farts are sometimes liquidized. Explosive wet farts are the same deal, except they are louder, more painful, and poop comes out.


Wet farts usually sound very odd. Some sound like a splash of water, others sound like loud ripples of liquid. Wet farts often smell extremely sour or raw, like a raw infection.


- President John Kennedy accidentally released an explosive wet fart in one of his presidential speeches in 1963.