Volcanic Farts are one of the rarest types of farts you can make.


Spicy or hot foods must be eaten, along with liquids or sometimes mushy food. Drinking milk after eating 5 or more buffalo wings increases the chance of producing a Volcanic Fart.


Volcanic farts are extremely loud and wet. They burn the buttcrack with a fiery inferno when they escape. Hot, steamy poop may escape along with steamy water. They smell very nasty, like a mixture of leggy butt, eggs, and a raw infection. Volcanic farts can make somebody deaf if they are close enough to hear it.

TRIVIA- In 1991, Stephen Tyler released a Volcanic Fart at a concert and, as a result, his butt was in flames and everybody had to be evacuated.

- Volcanic farts can also be referred to as "Magma Farts" "Inferno Farts" "Hot Ones" or "Pepperskinwinkles."