Ripples are multiple dry or wet farts chained together. Some ripples are harmonic, which means they follow a melody, or composed structure of tunes. Other ripples are double skip or triple skip. Double skip ripples start with two presto farts, a pause, and then another two prestos. The melody keeps repeating. Triple skips are the same, except they start and repeat with three 3 presto farts. Then there is the legendary quadruple skip and hexagonal chain-linked variations. Quadruple skips start with 4 presto dry farts, a short pause, then another four. This pattern keeps repeating, sometimes reaching up to 24 farts in one melody. A hexagonal chain-linked ripple is when you fart once, pause, fart twice, pause, fart twice again, pause, fart once, in that order, for a total of 6 dry farts. Hexagonal chain-linked ripples require alot of physical control and melody knowledge.

Ripples can also be broken if another fart interferes. For example, one can fart 3 times in a row quickly and then a big fart ruins the ripple. This is known as ripple interference, and the fart that does the interfering is called the ripple ruiner.


- There have been numerous reports of people performing heptagonal chain-linked ripples and even octagonal chain-linked ripples.